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1901010023AS237 - (PRE) SSB

On the 12th June 2010 my beautiful Tiger passed away I am heart broken

El Tigre and JoseEl TigreEl TigreEl Tigre and Kathy

El Tigre was the most stunning iridescent mahogany bay stallion. Standing at 16.2hh, he has a huge presence. El Tigre's main purpose in life is to produce foals with a future in all Olympic Equestrian disciplines. This has already been put to the test with many of his progeny competing in Showjumping and Dressage. But the versatility of his offspring includes also Western pleasure and perfect pleasure riding mounts.


Jocoso X

Embajador 11 (Imp)

Jocosa III (Imp)

Felspar Carlito

Ruffian II (Imp)

Carambola (Imp)

Hortelano VII (Imp)

Gorron II

Hortelana VII

Esplendida IV

Zurcidor VII

Trianera VI

El TigreEl TigreEl Tigre