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Banda starting in harness. She took it all as if
she had been doing it for a long time the
cropper, winkers all good.


Banda first outing in harness the Andalusian Championships at Tatura Victoria. I was so nervous, but Banda didn't put a hoof wrong
very happy with her.

Banda at Lockhart breed show. won her class and having a go at Barrell racing. Again just accepted being dragged around the barrels.
Reserve Champion Harness horse.

Banda Lockhart show
Liverpool Range Charity Drive 2012 a trip over a week totaling 266km. Took Banda and Bindi (dog)
ready to start horse food/water truck cutting up hay
camp Wallabadah leavingCoomoo Coomoo night entertainment - Breeza
Windy Station Windy Station wool baskets
Werris Creek station another water crossing Far West thank you card

Ellmore Club Navigation Drive a2013t Grenfell NSWHad a great time on the drive following the clues, getting lost once.

Ellmore Club CDE 2013
Banda's first CDE. she was excellent placed 2nd

Banda CDE 2013
Dressage Marathon M.O. Marathon
Ariah Park Power of the Horse

Drive from Ariah Park to Lake Abertree. lovely picnic lunch then return.
sunday a parade lapping the main street.

Riverina Carriage Driving Club Christmas Party 2012
Christmas lunch 2012 Ho Ho Ho big finish post a letter
AHAA Nationals Tatura 2013
Banda harness class    
Banda & myself Vic. Champs 2013